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Seget Donji Sailing Itineraries - Set Sail From This Tranquil Fishing Village

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A brief introduction to Seget Donji

Seget Donji is a small settlement on the Croatian coast, located just 2 km from the historic town of Trogir. According to historical sources, the village was settled in the 16th century by refugees fleeing from the Turkish invasion. To protect the local population, a rectangular fort, resembling the famous Diocletian's Palace in Split, was constructed. Seget Donji was a part of the fortification system built around Trogir, including the seven settlements of Kaštel near Split.

Today, Seget Donji is a quiet little fishing village where one can truly experience the everyday life of coastal Croatia, away from the distractions. Located near the busy town of Trogir, Seget Donji is perfect for those that want to be away from the crowds but close to major attractions. Here you can take relaxing walks along the waterfront which connects to nearby sand and pebble beaches. Stop at the restaurants and cafes located near the port in the old part of Seget Donji. Architecturally, nothing much has changed here throughout the years, as the old stone houses and the still standing-fort will testify. 

Seget Donji is a popular tourist destination, especially for sailing enthusiasts as there are several marinas located here. The Yacht Club Seget Donji and Baotić marinas are both well-equipped marinas with large berth capacities and are ideal starting points for sailing on this part of the Adriatic. 

Getting to Seget Donji

Seget Donji can be reached easily as the Split Airport is located just 10 km away. There are several daily flights to Split from all over Europe, especially in the summer months. Seget Donji is also easily reachable by bus with daily routes to nearby Trogir from almost all Croatian cities. Located near the highway, driving to Seget Donji from the capital of Zagreb will take around 4 hours.  

Seget Donji itinerary options

Option 1- West towards Kornati National Park

Total sail distance: 100 NM

Things to see and do: Visit Croatian coastal towns and islands on your way to the spectacular Kornati National Park. Explore the natural beauty and rich history of the places you visit on your route.

This route is perfect for: Groups of friends, families and sailing enthusiasts that want to visit one of the top sailing destinations in the Adriatic. Ideal for those who wish to enjoy warm weather, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea.    

Best time of year for sailing: From May until the end of September.

Day 1: Marina

Marina is a small coastal settlement located in the bay with the same name, some 10 km away from Seget Donji. Here you will find beautiful beaches and lots of archaeological monuments. Built by the Venetian Republic in the 15th century, the Tower of Marina is one of the town's most distinctive landmarks and well worth a visit.

Day 2: Rogoznica

Sailing west along the Croatian coast you will reach Rogoznica, a quiet town with almost 50 km of coastline. Arriving here, you will be greeted to one of the safest and loveliest ports on the Adriatic. Rogoznica has plenty to offer its visitors as tourism has been an active industry here since the turn of the 20th century. Swimming, hiking, biking or relaxing - all are viable options when visiting here.

Day 3: Zlarin

Your next stop on the route is the island of Zlarin, located near the coastal town of Šibenik. Zlarin is a peaceful oasis, full of lush vegetation and untouched natural beauty, perfect for an afternoon stroll. As the evening approaches, visit one of the local restaurants and taste the authentic Dalmatian cuisine.  

Day 4: Kornati

Visit the Kornati National Park and spend most of the day sailing around this magnificent archipelago. Stop at one of the many coves you will find along the way and discover the magical natural beauty that awaits here. Tickets, which are available for purchase online, should be bought before entering the National Park area.   

Day 5: Žirje

As you loop around the island of Kornat, set sail southeast towards the remote island of Žirje. Another island perfect for a getaway, where you can cast your anchor in any of the secluded coves and enjoy a peaceful day under the sun. The pristine sea around the island is rich with fish making Žirje an ideal place to try some local cuisine.  

Day 6: Primošten

On your way back to Seget Donji, stop in the coastal town of Primošten. Mooring is possible in the nearby Marina Kremik, a medium-sized marina offering good protection from the elements. Primošten is a town concentrated on tourism that offers a wide selection of activities, both during the day and night. Spend your day enjoying the local beaches before heading to local cafes, restaurants or nightclubs as the night falls.

Day 7: Trogir

As Seget Donji is located just 2 km from Trogir, your last day should be spent exploring this historic little town. Narrow, cold streets of the old town centre are perfect for hiding from the summer sun. Explore the magnificent architecture that led to the town's inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Option 2 - The Split Archipelago

Total sail distance: 130 NM

Things to see and do: On this route, you will visit one of the most popular tourist areas in Croatia, the Split Archipelago. Sail to the islands of Hvar, Brač and Korčula and discover the untouched natural beauty that awaits you. 

This route is perfect for: Families and groups of friends will enjoy visiting the spectacular beaches and charming coastal towns scattered across the islands in the area. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy visiting various hidden coves and discovering new spots to anchor on these islands.

Best time of year for sailing: From early May until September.

Day 1: Šolta

Leaving Seget Donji, your first stop on the route is the nearby island of Šolta. Spend a day enjoying the crystal clear sea in one of many coves scattered along the southern coast of the island. Stay at the Martinis Marchi Marina in Maslinica, a modern marina that was awarded the title of the best small marina in Croatia in 2018.  

Day 2: Brač

After a short sail across the channel between the islands of Šolta and Brač, you will find yourself in the secure harbour of Milna. This coastal town is a popular sailing destination, and you will find several marinas here, including the ACI Marina Milna, Yacht Club Milna and the Marina Vlaška. The coast around Milna is extremely indented with plenty of coves where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

Day 3: Hvar

Sail south from Brač towards the island of Hvar and the ancient city of Stari Grad on the island's northern coast. Stari Grad is considered to be the oldest town in Croatia, as it was founded in the 4th century BC by Greek settlers. The town has sprawled around a long and protected bay, meaning that the town port offers good protection from the elements. You can enjoy the traditional architecture and historical landmarks in Stari Grad. Head on over to the Lanterna public beach and cool off in the crystal clear sea. 

Day 4: Vis

Your next stop is the island of Vis, where you will find beautiful beaches and perfect sailing conditions. Vis is full of small coves, ideal for a day under the sun away from the crowds. If you are looking for a bit more security, head on to the town of Vis, where you will find plenty of space for mooring in a well-protected harbour. Make sure to visit one of the local restaurants and try the delicious seafood or other local specialities. 

Day 5: Lastovo

Lastovo is a peaceful oasis, a place where one can enjoy the spectacular sights and untouched nature. Visit the bay of Pasadur located on the western side of the island. The bay is a preferred spot for sailors because its position offers safe mooring. The only hotel on the island of Lastovo, Hotel Solitudo, is located on Pasadur.

Day 6: Korčula

Sail from Lastovo north until you reach the island of Korčula and then sail west along the island's coast until you reach the town of Kočula. Visit the house of the famous explorer Marco Polo, who is believed to be from this island. Korčula is known for its wine and delicious cuisine, so make sure to try their delicacies. 

Day 7: Seget Donji / Trogir

Sailing from Korčula back to your starting spot will take most of the day. If you have time, take a stroll to the nearby town of Trogir, located just 2 km away from Seget Donji. Trogir is best explored on foot, and it is recommended that you visit the historical landmarks and the impressive Venetian fortifications before you leave.  

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