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Capo d'Orlando - The Paladin's Town

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Legend has it the town was founded during the Trojan War, on the ruins of an ancient village called Agatirno. Capo d'Orlando owes its name to the Paladin Orlando, the famous paladin who served under Charlamagne and found sanctuary here during a crusade to the Holy Land.

The picturesque town of Capo d'Orlando sits in the Nebrodi area, on the northern coast of the Italian island of Sicily. In the past, Capo d'Orlando was considered an important fishing village in the province of Messina, but has recently started gravitating towards tourism. At the northern end of the beach, that stretches along the town's coastline, you will find a lighthouse at the point of Capo d'Orlando. Here you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Sicilian coast and the nearby Aeolian Islands, located to the north.

The town's main attraction is the 2 km long sandy beach and the adjacent promenade, offering several cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Capo d’Orlando - small town, rich history

Besides the beautiful sandy beaches that are synonymous with this part of the Sicilian coast, the small coastal town of Capo d'Orlando houses a surprising amount of cultural and historical landmarks. 

Villa Piccolo

The Museum Foundation "Famiglia Piccolo di Calanovella", located in an elegant late nineteenth-century villa, hosts the exhibitions of the Piccolo di Calanovella family who dominated the Capo d'Orlando cultural scene. Here you can take a walk in the beautiful park surrounding the villa, populated by rare Mediterranean vegetation, and visit the local pet cemetery. 

Villa Romana Bagnoli

The Roman Bagnoli Villa is an archaeological site that was discovered by accident in 1986, during the construction of a local car park. The subsequent archaeological excavations unearthed part of a luxurious seaside villa dating from the early third century AD. Here visitors can view the traditional Roman thermal baths, decorated by incredible mosaics dating back to the 3rd and 4th century AD.

Castello Bastione

Bastion Castle is a small, square fortress believed to date back to the 14th century. Today, it is a private residence, but it was initially used as a watchtower to protect the town's crops from barbarian invasions. There are three levels within the fortress, and the basement contains a big tank used to keep drinking water.

The Sanctuary of Castle of Orlando

The Sanctuary of Castle of Orlando was built in the 17th century by the count Girolamo Joppolohe at the ruins of the Castle of Orlando. The interior contains two important and precious paintings by Gaspare Camarda, dating back to 1626 and 1627, among other religious objects.

Agatirnide museum

The Agatirnide museum was opened in 2002 and houses the archaeological remains found in the Capo di Orlando's area dating back to the Bronze Age. 

Besides a large number of historical landmarks, visitors can enjoy several food festivals in Capo d'Orlando, like the fish food festivals of Sagra del Pesce and Festa del Mare. 

Wake up to beautiful vistas

The charming coastal town of Capo d'Orlando attracts visitors with its beautiful long sandy beach, located in the town centre. Along the promenade, you'll find several hotels where guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the coast and spend their days on the beautiful Sicilian beaches. 

Il Mulino Hotel

This four-star hotel is located adjacent to the beach, near the Capo d'Orlando town centre. Guests can spend their days enjoying the private beach and the crystal clear sea, relax in classically decorated rooms with air conditioning and stroll through the charming town of Capo d'Orlando.

Santa Lucia Hotel

The Santa Lucia Hotel is a three-star hotel located a 10-minute walk from the Capo d'Orlando town centre. Santa Lucia Hotel offers its guests wireless internet, a minibar, satellite TV, air conditioning and free parking. The hotel also allows pets which makes it a popular destination among tourists. 

Hotel Faro

The newly-remodelled hotel Faro is a small two-star hotel near Capo d'Orlando lighthouse offering great views of the coast and a short distance to the beautiful beach. The hotel provides free WiFi, air conditioning and allows pets.

Hotel Capo Nettuno

Hotel Capo Nettuno is located directly on the coast of Capo d'Orlando, facing the Aeolian Islands, with direct access to the beach, situated in a quiet area not far from the town centre.

Guests of the hotel can enjoy amenities such as spa and massage services while the hotel provides free WiFi in common areas as well as free parking.

Sandy beaches everywhere

Visiting Capo d'Orlando, you will be greeted by more than 14 km of beautiful sandy beaches touching the crystal clear Tyrrhenian Sea on the northern shores of Sicily. 

Capo d'Orlando beach

The beach Capo d'Orlando extends along the northern coast of Sicily, to the west of the point of Capo d'Orlando and offers clear sea and shallow waters. As the beach is located very near the town centre, you will find plenty of amenities, including several beach bars and restaurants. 

Sand Gregorio beach

The beach of San Gregorio is located to the east of Capo d'Orlando town centre, stretching for several kilometres, with patches of fine sandy beaches and alternating cliffs. The beach continues eastward into the port area and the so-called Head of Monaco. The water is warm and crystal clear, ideal for the whole family.

Testa di Monaco

This charming beach is located to the east of the Capo d'Orlando Marina and offers warm, clear waters and fine golden sand. Visitors can find refreshments in several nearby beach bars and restaurants.

Ponte Naso 

The Ponte Naso beach is located further along the coast to the east, and is a long and wide stretch of fine sand with clear water. The beach offers limited shade, so renting umbrellas is recommended. There is free parking nearby, making the beach a popular destination for visitors coming from all over northern Sicily. 

Nice weather and warm sea

The coastal town of Capo d'Orlando enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. Here, the winters are mild and rainy, while the summers are warm and dry. The average annual temperature in Capo d'Orlando is 18 °C, with August the warmest month of the year with an average temperature of 26°C. January is the coldest month with temperatures averaging around 11°C. 

Summer is the dry season with the driest month being June, while most of the precipitation here falls in October. 

Capo d'Orlando sits on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and here the annual water temperature is around 20°C. The highest average sea temperature is in August, when it reaches approximately 27 °C, making it ideal for water activities.  

Best time to visit

If you wish to spend your visit to Capo d'Orlando on the beach and swimming in the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea, the best time to visit is during the summer when there is plenty of sunshine and warm weather. However, if you are not fond of high temperatures and hot sun, the best time to visit is in spring or early autumn. Temperatures in May or September reach up to 25 °C, ideal for hiking trips or exploring the cultural and historical landmarks of Sicily. 

Capo d'Orlando at night - best beach clubs in Sicily

Keeping up with the reputation of a tourist hotspot, Capo d'Orlando offers its visitors a wide selection of bars, restaurants and clubs. Capo d'Orlando is known as a lively town with plenty of festivals and concerts held throughout the year.

Coconut Discoteca

This vibrant nightclub is famous for its summer parties, with plenty of dance music and various DJs performing throughout the year. The nightclub is located near the town centre and is one of the most popular spots among younger generations in Capo d'Orlando.

Capoblanco Lido 

Capoblanco Lido is located on the main beach in Capo d'Orlando, hosting the biggest beach parties in town. Enjoy a cocktail or two on the beautiful beach and experience the laid back atmosphere of Sicilian nightlife. 

Club 147

Club 147 is located on the San Gregorio beach, near the Capo d'Orlando Marina. During the day, the club acts as a typical beach bar, playing lounge music and serving delicious cocktails. As night falls, Club 147 transforms into a vibrant nightclub, playing different music each night.

XL Disco Club

XL Disco Club is located near the Capo d'Orlando town centre and is a small nightclub offering themed parties each week. Here guests can enjoy retro nights, masked parties and various DJs playing popular dance music. 

Charming restaurants with beautiful views 

Il Sarchiapone restaurant

The Il Sarchiapone restaurant is located in the Capo d'Orlando town centre and is one of the more popular seafood restaurants in town. Guests can try delicious seafood specialities, as well as other traditional Italian dishes. One of the most recommended dishes to try here is the antipasto, accompanied by delicious local wine. 

Il Circoletto restaurant

Enjoy a peaceful meal in this charming restaurant, located near the Capo d'Orlando town centre. The restaurant serves traditional Sicilian dishes and various seafood specialities. Enjoy your meal in the beautiful garden setting, accompanied by a large pool. 

I Carusi restaurant

Guests of the I Carusi restaurant will be mesmerized by the stunning location of the restaurant's terrace, located near the main beach in Capo d'Orlando, offering spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Be sure to try the seafood here, made with fresh and local ingredients.

L'Antica Ruota

L'Antica Ruota is only a few kilometres from the centre of Capo d'Orlando, nestled in a tranquil natural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This stylish restaurant serves dishes that combine experience, tradition and creativity resulting in a beautiful combination of flavours.

Speedy Pizza

If you are craving pizza while visiting Capo d'Orlando, Speedy Pizza is the place to visit. Here you can try several traditional Italian pizzas made with fresh ingredients, as well as other Italian pastries like focaccias and arancini.  

Boats in a Sicilian harbour at sunset

Sailing to Capo d’Orlando

  • Capo d'Orlando Marina - located east of the town centre, near the San Gregorio beach. This large marina, offering 553 berths for boats up to 45 m in length and a maximum berth of 4 m, is one of the top destinations among sailing enthusiasts visiting the northern coast of Sicily. The marina is also used as a charter base for sailing the nearby Aeolian Islands.
  • Porticciolo Sant'Agata - is located in Sant'Agata di Militello, west of the town of Capo d'Orlando. The marina offers 80 berths for vessels up to 45 m in length. It is well protected from the elements due to a long breakwater. Visitors can enjoy modern facilities including free WiFi, power and water connections at each berth.
  • Portorosa Marina - is the largest marina in Sicily, located in the Gulf of Patti, at the eastern end of the north coast of Sicily. This modern marina provides extensive amenities and is a part of a large resort. The marina is indented and offers excellent protection from the elements. The marina offers 650 berths situated on a 4000 m long dock.

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