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Furnari Destination Guide - Discover The Coastal Citrus Groves And Sprawling Vineyards

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The beauty of hilly Sicily

Furnari is a small hillside town in the province of Messina, located on the largest Italian island - Sicily. The town sits about 180 kilometres east of Palermo and some 55 kilometres west of Messina. Furnari was founded in the 14th century when baron Filippo Furnari erected a castle around which the village of Furnari developed. 

The town of Furnari sits 140 m above sea level, overlooking the valley north towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, with mountains to the south. Visiting this small and quiet town, you will be greeted with narrow winding streets, lined with tall houses, offering beautiful vistas of the surrounding area.    

Agriculture is the primary industry here as the area around Furnari is dominated by citrus groves expanding towards the coast and vineyards sprawling on the foothills to the south. 

Located in the village of Tonnarella, about 2.5 km north of the town of Furnari, is the Portorosa Marina - the largest marina in Sicily. The marina was developed in the 1980s by dredging the marshes in the area, creating a unique-looking system of canals that provide ample berthing space and offer great protection from the elements.

Explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Furnari area

Despite not being directly coastal, the Furnari and its adjacent villages make for an ideal summer destination. There are numerous beautiful sandy beaches in the area, and the large Portorosa Marina in Tonnarella attracts visitors eager to explore the coast of Sicily. 

Sicily is an island of rich vegetation, dominated by the imposing Etna volcano, located 90 km south of Furnari. A short drive away from the town of Furnari, you will find several natural parks, perfect for an all-day hiking trip.

  • Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park - is a canyon caused by the eruption of the nearby Etna Volcano. Located 25 km south of Furnari, this geological phenomenon is the ideal destination for an excursion. The park is a perfect place to swim in the cold river, hike through the canyon and explore the beautiful and untouched nature. 
  • Nature Reserve of Bosco di Malabotta - is a large protected area located south of Furnari. Established in 1997, this reserve provides sanctuary to dozens of endangered animal and plant species. The best way to learn about this protected area and enjoy the stunning natural beauty is by taking a guided tour. 

For those looking to soak up a little culture and visit some historical landmarks, the small town of Tindari is the perfect destination. Nestled near the spectacular Tindari lagoon, this ancient city, founded by the Greeks, houses several landmarks like the Tindari sanctuary and the Greek Theatre, making it the ideal destination for a day of sight-seeing.   

  • Tindari Greek Theatre - was a part of the original ancient Greek colony of Tindari, which was later remodeled by the ancient Romans. Here you will also find bathing facilities, a basilica combining both classical Greek and Roman architecture and a small archaeological museum displaying excavations from the area. Be sure to check online beforehand as various events and concerts are hosted there throughout the year. 
Tindari, Italy

Furnari resorts & hotels

The majority of accommodation options in Furnari can be found around the Portorosa Marina in the village of Tonnarella.

  • Blu Hotel Portorosa - The 5-star Blu Hotel Portorosa is located in the Portorosa marina, a 30-minute walk from Furnari centre. The rooms in the hotel are equipped with a minibar, satellite television, AC, Wi-Fi and a telephone. The hotel is located near the beautiful sandy beach and within walking distance of several restaurants and shops found in the Portorosa resort.
  • VOI Baia di Tindari - The VOI Baia di Tindari Resort is a four-star hotel located 10 km away from the Tindari rock and the Marinello lakes. The resort spreads across 6 hectares, offering its guests a wide selection of amenities including direct access to a private sandy beach.  

You will find several smaller hotels and apartments for rent in the Portorosa village resort, like the Residence Baia del Delfini, Portorosa Summer Inn, B&B Portorosa and Residence Corallo Portorosa. 

Stunning sandy beaches near Furnari

The beaches near Furnari are all part of a wide and long stretch of sand found on the northern coast of Sicily, within the Gulf of Milazzo. Nearly all beaches near Furnari are free and offer basic services like umbrella and sun lounger rentals. The beaches here are composed of clear sand and are protected by breakwater cliffs that reduce the erosive action of the sea.

Tonnarella beach - To the east of Portorosa Marina, you will find the most famous beach in the area, the Tonnarella beach located on the border with Marchesana. This is yet another beautiful sandy beach that offers water activities like kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Marinello beach - Not far from Furnari you will find the Nature Reserve Laghetti di Marinello, a nature-created lagoon of white sand and gravel cradled housing several little lakes (laghetti). Above the lakes, you will find the sanctuary of the Madonna Nera of Tindari, a church that is a popular pilgrimage spot offering spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Tindari beach - The beach, also known as Marinello Olivieri, is located just west of Marinello beach and extends for about 2 km inside the Nature Reserve of the Lakes of Marinello, along the northern coast of Sicily.

Enjoy the warmth of Sicilian weather

The town of Furnari, like the majority of Sicily, enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild. The average annual temperature for Furnari is 20 °C, while the summer temperatures regularly exceed 30 °C. Furnari has, on average, 206 dry days a year, making it the ideal destination for a summer vacation. The water temperature around Furnari ranges from 14°C  in February up to 27 °C in July. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Furnari and the island of Sicily is from June until October when you can enjoy warm temperatures with little or no rainfall. If you wish to enjoy the beautiful beaches and indulge in water activities, the ideal time is to visit during the summer. Those looking to focus more on hiking and exploring the inland parts of the island should visit in late spring or early autumn when the temperatures are not so high but the weather is still enjoyable.

Unwinding in Furnari 

The area around Furnari is not known for its vibrant nightlife, yet there are still several bars and wineries where you can enjoy your nights experiencing the charming Sicilian atmosphere. The majority of bars and cafes, like the Arthe Cafe, Bar Birimbao, and Yachting bar Di Fresco, can be found near the Portorosa Marina, in the village of Tonnarella.

Cambria’s estate, where you will find the famous Nocera vineyards, is on the hills of Furnari, sitting on the slopes of the Tindari Nebrodi mountain, around 45 km west of Messina. Here you can take a tour of the vineyards and the processing facilities, and enjoy tasting famous Sicilian wines.. 

If you are looking for an all-night entertainment, your best bet is visiting the larger towns of Messina, Taormina or Palermo where you will find plenty of lounge bars, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

Grab a bite to eat in Furnari

There are a couple of smaller restaurants and pizzerias in the town of Furnari, offering traditional Italian cuisine and a more relaxed atmosphere. 

A much bigger selection of restaurants can be found near the coast, around the Portorosa Marina. Restaurants like La Plaza, Deja Vu, Atlantis Portorosa, Gradisca Portorosa and Villa Liga offer a wide selection of dishes varying from seafood to traditional Italian recipes and pizzas. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the marina and the Furnari coast in these restaurants and sample the best Italian dishes and local seafood specialities.   

Furnari sailing marinas

Marina di Portorosa - is a large and modern marina, located on the northern coast of Sicily, in the Gulf of Patti, between Capo Tindari and Capo Milazzo. The marina is protected by two large breakwaters, offering ample protection from all types of wind. Here you will find 650 available berths alongside a 4000 m long dock. The marina is open year-round and offers extensive amenities, including power and water supply at every berth, fueling station, Wi-Fi, 24-hour security surveillance and many more.

Milazzo Marina - is also known as Marina del Nettuno Milazzo, and it is located in the province of Messina, in the town of Milazzo. The marina is located east of Portorosa Marina and offers 140 berths for vessels up to 40 m in length with a maximum draught of 8 m. Amenities found in this marina include water connection, Wi-Fi, fueling station and security surveillance.

Poseidon Marina - is located 1 km away from the town of Milazzo, on the northern coast of the island of Sicily. The marina houses 160 berths for vessels up to 35 m in length. The marina is home to several charter companies and the starting point for sailing the Aeolian Islands, located north of Sicily.

Capo d’Orlando Marina - is due west from Furnari, situated in the small coastal town of Capo d’Orlando. Here you will find a large, modern marina offering a total of 553 berths for vessels up to 40 m in length. It is another charter base for sailing the Aeolian Islands, offering extensive amenities including power and water connections at each berth, a repair shipyard, a fueling station and even a shopping centre full of boutiques and souvenir shops. 

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