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The ultimate Cannigione sailing guide - stunning Sardinia

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An introduction to Cannigione sailing holidays

Beautifully positioned on the northeastern part of Sardinia, Cannigione was originally a fishing village that has transformed over time into a renowned resort. Cannigione is, in fact, a district of the town of Arzachena, located in the province of Olbia-Tempio, about 10 kilometres southwest of Porto Cervo. The increasing popularity of this small seaside village is due to a stunning coastline that offers a long stretch of golden sand and crystal clear waters. Visiting this charming Sardinian village, you will be able to explore the heart of Costa Smeralda ("Emerald Coast"), a stunning and trendy stretch of coast on the island of Sardinia. 

Why should you choose Cannigione for your sailing holiday?

Starting your sailing holiday in the coastal village of Cannigione will enable you to explore the majority of Sardinia's northern coast, one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the Mediterranean. Proximity to resorts like Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo or the stunning Maddalena archipelago presents sailing enthusiasts many mooring options, often in modern and well-equipped marinas.  

In Cannigione, there is a selection of boutique hotels and seafood restaurants. You can also find plenty of opportunities to enjoy water-based activities like snorkelling, windsurfing and many more.  

What weather conditions you can expect in Cannigione

Cannigione enjoys a typically warm Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winters and hot and dry summers. Summer-like weather can last nearly six months on the island of Sardinia, further extending the sailing season. August temperatures are highest and can often exceed 30 °C, with little to no rainfall. Furthermore, Canniagione enjoys more than 200 dry days a year, with the most precipitation during the winter. Due to its protected position in the Arzachena Gulf, there are secure anchorages all around Cannigione, and the sea here is calm with small waves and almost no wind. Sea temperatures can reach up to 25 °C during the summer, making the beaches around Cannigione ideal for summer relaxation. 

Best time to sail in Cannigione

The best time to visit Cannigione is anytime between April and October. During that period, warm temperatures and limited rainfall await you. The best time to enjoy the warm sea and beautiful beaches around Cannigione is during the summer. If you wish to avoid the heat and the crowds, then the best time to visit is in spring or early autumn, with plenty of fair weather to enjoy. Average temperatures in May and October are around 20 °C, perfect for hiking trips and sightseeing. 

What awaits you in Cannigione

Cannigione is a small resort in the municipality of Arzachena, located on the northeastern part of the Sardinian coast. The village sits at the end of the large Gulf of Arzachena, and the Cannigione town centre overlooks the seafront "Lungomare Andrea Doria". Beyond the seafront, you will find an abundance of cafes, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of shops and charter agencies, as one would expect from a trendy resort.

Life in Cannigione is heavily centred around its spectacular coast and the warm sea. There are several stunning beaches, only a few minutes away. The most stunning beaches in Cannigione include La Conca, Tanca Manna, Mannena, Barca Bruciata and Isuledda. The 55 kilometres of Arzachena coastline also houses several stunning little coves like Lu Multiccioni and Li Capanni, ideal for a day out.

If you wish to soak up a bit more of the local culture, the town of Arzachena lies less than ten kilometres from the Cannigione and embodies the style of the Costa Smeralda. Here you can stroll the narrow cobbled streets and marvel at the local architecture, characterized by the use of pink granite and white stone.

Marinas around Cannigione

Boats on the coast of Sardinia

Marina di Cannigione 

Located in the port of Cannigione, the marina offers 400 berths for vessels up to 25 m with a max draught of 4.5 m. The marina offers moderate amenities, including power and water connection at every berth. Additionally, the Consorzio Marina Cannigione, consisting of five companies that own piers for berthing and shore facilities, have organized 34 mooring buoys in the Gulf of Arzachena. The buoys can accommodate boats up to 35 m in length, and boats that moor there will enjoy good protection from the prevailing winds. 

The Cala Bitta Marina, Baja Sardinia 

The marina is located east of Cannigione, in the Gulf of Arzachena. This medium-sized marina offers 183 berths for boats up to 27 m in length. The marina is nestled in a small bay which offers good protection from the prevailing winds. Mooring here, you will find water and power connections as well as a small shipyard offering necessary repairs.

Porto Cervo Marina 

This marina is one of the largest marinas in Sardinia, geographically positioned to protect from all winds. The marina complex consists of two parts: the East Pier, also known as the Old Port, located in ​​Porto Cervo and the Marina Nuova, situated in the Marina Village. Porto Cervo Marina can accommodate a total of 700 vessels, with a maximum length of 120 m. All berths are equipped with water and electricity connections 

Best spots to cast an anchor around Cannigione

Imposing cliffs on the Sardinian coast

The area around Cannigione offers several good anchor spots due to the position of the Arzachena Gulf, which offers protection from all but the northern wind. You will also find good holding in the mostly sandy seabed. Additionally, there are multiple mooring buoys all along the gulf, offering safe anchoring.


The "Consorzio Marina Cannigione" provides mooring buoys located in the Gulf of Arzachena in front of the Cannigione Marina. Here you will find 34 buoys, offering natural protection from the prevailing winds, able to accommodate boats from 7 to 35 meters, with an available depth that goes from 2.5 m to 6 m.

Le Piscine Di Cannigione

Not far from the mouth of the Arzachena Gulf, you will find the Le Piscine beach, another popular anchoring spot near Cannigione. You will find depths varying from 3 to 5 m and a sandy seabed with no emerging rocks. The spot provides excellent wind and sea coverage from the west, and the nearby beach is ideal for spending a day basking in the sun.

Cala Mucchi Bianchi

This anchoring is one of the most popular spots in the Arzachena bay just north of Cala Bitta at the northeastern corner of the gulf. Here you will find good shelter as long as there are no western winds. The seabed is weedy, and it may take several attempts to get your anchor to hold.

How much will a charter in Cannigione cost you?

The cost of a weekly charter in Cannigione can vary significantly. To secure the best price, there are several vital factors you need to take into account. Keep in mind that things like boat type, time of year and additional crew members and services can significantly alter the final cost. As you may know, chartering during the summer is significantly more expensive than during the off-season. Similarly, the type of boat you charter matters as sailboats are, on average, cheaper than catamarans and motorboats or yachts. Hiring a skipper or additional crew will cost you about 150 € per day. Naturally, this will increase your sailing trip's final price but also ensure you have a relaxed and safe holiday. 

Starting sailboat charter prices for up to six people in Cannigione at the beginning of June sit at about 2,000 € per week. Approaching the months of July and August, that price can double. Starting prices for catamarans and motorboats are higher, starting from around 4,000 € per week, outside the high season. 

How to reach Cannigione

Cannigione is located just 10 km north of Arzachena and just 30 km away from Olbia, the fourth-largest town on Sardinia and the transportation hub for the whole northern part of the island. Olbia is best reached by flying to the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport or by several ferry lines that connect Sardinia with mainland Italy. You can easily reach Arzachena and Cannigione from Olbia by car, bus or taxi. It should take you about 45 minutes.  

Cannigione itinerary options

Due to its position on the Sardinian coast, in the heart of the stunning Costa Smeralda, Cannigione is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable sailing trip along the northern coast of Sardinia. Countless coves and secluded bays offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy magnificent beaches and the most inviting sea. La Maddalena Archipelago is located near Cannigione and is one of the most popular itinerary destinations in Sardinia.  

Option 1- La Maddalena archipelago

The Li Piscini beach
  • Total sail distance: 50 NM
  • Things to see and do: Sail north from Cannigione along the coast of Sardinia, stopping off to explore the beautiful coves along the way before you reach the stunning Maddalena archipelago. Outstanding natural beauty, inviting beaches, charming coastal villages and unique vegetation all await you on this route.
  • This route is perfect for: Families with children and groups of friends and couples will enjoy the inviting and safe beaches along this route. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy Sardinia's indented coast, offering plenty of safe anchorages and natural ports.
  • Best time of year for sailing: Sardinia climate offers almost six months of fine weather each year, ideal for a sailing trip. However, if you wish to enjoy local beaches and the sea, then visiting during the summer is ideal. Visiting during the off-season, in spring or early autumn, is recommended for those hoping to avoid the crowds and the summer heat. 

Day 1: Cannigione

Set sail from your starting point in Cannigione, hugging the Arzachena Gulf's western shore towards the Maddalena Archipelago and the nearby town of Palau. Stop along the way at the stunning beaches of Mannena and Le Piscine. Make sure to stop and marvel at the beautiful cliffs at Capo d'Orso. 

Day 2: Palau

Palau is a small picturesque town located in the territorial region of the Gallura on the northeast coast of Sardinia. Palau harbour is the main access point to the spectacular La Maddalena Archipelago, offering daily excursions to visit the National Park located on the largest island of the Archipelago - Maddalena. Besides the spectacular beaches, Palau is also known for several archaeological sites that you can find in the area, offering an insight into Sardinian history and culture. 

Day 3: Spargi island

Start exploring the Maddalena Archipelago by visiting the uninhabited island of Spargi, the third-largest island in the cluster, located west of the Maddalena island.

Here you will find the landscape to be mostly rugged granite, but what lies beneath the surface is more important. Secca di Spargi ( Spargi shoal) is a designated and marked area for diving with depths ranging from 6 m to 25 m and is the perfect spot for all wanting to do a little bit of snorkelling. 

Day 4: Santa Maria island

Sail the stunning turquoise sea north towards the island of Santa Maria and enjoy the charms of yet another utterly uninhabited island. Among the exciting spots to visit here is the old Benedictine monastery or the lighthouse offering beautiful vistas of the surrounding area. For your summer activities, visit Cala Santa Maria - one of the archipelago's major beach attractions. 

Day 5: Maddalena island (Porto Massimo) 

On the northern coast of the Maddalena island, you will find the secure Marina di Porto Massimo. This secure marina is nestled between the rocky coastline and stunning emerald sea, offering 120 berths for boats up to 50 m in length and is one of the favourite stopping points for visiting sailing enthusiasts. From here, you can explore the beauty of Maddalena island as well as visit the nearby beaches like Cala Lunga, del Costone or Cala Spalmatore. 

Day 6: Caprera island

Slowly returning south towards Cannigione, stop at another island in the La Maddalena Archipelago - Caprera. There is a lot to see and do on Caprera, starting with visiting the beautiful beaches of Cala Coticcio ( nicknamed Tahiti!), Relitto beach and Due Mari. You can visit the house of the famous Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi or the Museum of the Sea and Seafaring Traditions, ideal for those seeking some culture.

Day 7: Cannigione

As you make your way back towards Cannigione, stop along the way for one last dip in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Baja Sardinia on the eastern bank of Arzachena Gulf is the ideal last stop before turning in.

Option 2 - Costa Smeralda & Maddalena

Beautiful sunset over La Maddalena island
  • Total sail distance: 60 NM
  • Things to see and do: Soak in the true essence of the trendy Costa Smeralda by visiting famous tourist resorts like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo before escaping it all by sailing to the pristine Maddalena island. 
  • This route is perfect for: Visiting the busy and often crowded tourist hotspots in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo is more suited for groups of friends and couples. Simultaneously, families with small children will appreciate the sandy beaches scattered all along this route.  
  • Best time of year for sailing: The period from mid-May until the end of September is ideal for those looking to enjoy swimming, diving and other water-related activities. If you wish to avoid high temperatures and large crowds, the best time to visit is spring or autumn. 

Day 1: Cannigione

Enjoy your first day by exploring the Arzachena Gulf, stopping at the secure anchorage in Cala Bitta on the eastern bank of the gulf. Taste Sardinia's culinary delights in one of the many beachfront restaurants and bars along this stretch of the coast. 

Day 2: Baja Sardinia & Capo Ferro

Baja Sardinia is a popular beach resort that consists of villa complexes, hotels, and resorts, along with a handful of restaurants, bars, and shops, all arranged in a small square by the beach. 

There are many beautiful beaches near Baja Sardinia, most of them famous for scuba diving and other water sports activities such as windsurfing. Pevero Beach features a shallow seabed and is a perfect spot for families with small children. 

Day 3: Porto Cervo

Regarded as the capital of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is the quintessential tourist resort, offering an endless stream of luxury restaurants, shops and cafes. Here you will find an extensive and modern marina, offering berths for 700 vessels up to 120 m in length. As you step away from the glamour of the resort, you will find several beautiful beaches in the area like Grande Pevero and Piccolo Pevero, two sandy beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing.  

Day 4: Porto Rotondo

Continuing south along the Costa Smeralda, your next stop on this itinerary is another trendy tourist hotspot of Porto Rotondo. Housing a large marina that offers 650 berths, Porto Rotondo is famous among sailing enthusiasts for the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club, a sailing institution officially established in 1985. If you happen to visit Porto Rotondo at the end of August, be sure to visit the Big Game, a deep-sea fishing sports event that attracts large crowds each year.   

Day 5: Caprera island

Sail north from Porto Rotondo towards the La Maddalena Archipelago and visit the island of Caprera. The charming island is connected to the Maddalena island, offering several stunning beaches and the house of the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Museum of the Sea and Seafaring Traditions, dedicated to the naval tradition of Sardinia. 

Day 6: Maddalena island

On Maddalena, you will find a busy port town with the same name housing restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops. In contrast, the rest of the island is serenely quiet, with a coastline that consists of many tiny beaches and coves that are just waiting to be discovered. Outside the town limits, the island of Maddalena and the whole archipelago is a part of the Maddalena National Park, a protected area housing several endangered animal and plant species.

Day 7: Cannigione

Heading back south from Maddalena towards Cannigione, stop by at the uninhabited island of Santo Stefano (St. Stephen). Here you can explore the old abandoned prison, built at the end of the 18th century that was in use up until 1965. Make your way to Cannigione just in time to stop off at the charming Tanca Manna beach for one last swim. 

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